Busy weeks!

  So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to post anything and there’s been quite a bit going on! Firstly, I spent a few days in Atlanta coming up to speed on the Mobile Access VE Solution for low-cost indoor cell repeating utilizing your existing CAT5,6,7 cabling. I can’t wait to get dug into an install – quite a different mindset from wifi to cellular.

  After that, spent a few days in San Jose for the Cisco Partner VT meetings and learned about all sorts of up coming new stuff from Cisco that can’t be talked about yet – infact, that’s probably the biggest reason that I’ve been somewhat quiet recently – being wrapped up in NDA style information makes it hard to be social. 🙂
Contribution to the https://www.myciscocommunity.com/ page netted me a Cisco Cius when they’re available. Thanks to Vic Nunes for making that happen!

  Upcoming in March (17th and 18th) is the Wireless Tech Field day in San Jose that I’m quite excited to be a part of! The fine folks over at Gestalt IT that put on the ‘regular’ Tech Field day have teamed up to host one specifically focused on wireless technologies. I was selected as a delegate and look very forward to my first Field Day. I think the list of presenters is being firmed up but I’m glad to hear about the ones that are lined up! Details on the event are at:

Looking forward to meeting Stephen Foskett and hanging with wireless powerhouses like @jenniferlucille and @MarcusBurton among all of the other delegates that have confirmed.

3502 surveying

So, rumor has it, if you put your 3502 in H-REAP mode, and statically assign your IP address and your default-gateway as your static host IP address, you can survey. Need to try this when I get back to civilization in January. I expect this will require some sort of loopback slug and a POE pass-through. Gonna have to bust out the crimpers! 🙂